Elsie Archer

Born into an artistic and musical family, Elsie was encouraged to both sing and paint. It was recognized early that she had a singular interest in art and she was encouraged to pursue it.

Elsie took her nurses training and became a registered nurse. She moved to the small rural town of Didsbury where she nursed, studied art, married and raised a family of three.

She began teaching art in 1976, and teaches to this very day.

Elsie continues her pursuit of excellence by studying art from some of the best teachers, and by constantly experimenting with new products. Teaching encourages her to keep abreast of new techniques.

She is a member of theWellspring Visual Art Network ,and the Canadian Federation of Artists, both Calgary and Vancouver chapters.

Contact Elsie at 403 507 1114

Art Statement

There are many lessons to be learned in becoming an artist. Most of the principles of art have become a life lessons to me. i.e. Balance , perspective, design, proportion, direction. Not difficult to relate to all areas of living.

My own uniqueness is also one such lesson for example. The way I apply paint to a canvas can only be done by me alone. That makes me vulnerable to criticism, yet courageous enough to express myself honestly.

Illustrating children’s books in the last 4 years has reopened my eyes to my own childhood. Sometimes painful memories emerge, and have to be dealt with. Therapeutic in a sense. Most of these paintings are filled with magic and humour. I am forced out of my comfort zone. Every page is challenging and different. Something I might not have chosen to paint. Because of this, I believe I have become a better person. More understanding, kinder and a better artist.

I have learned that listening and applying what I hear is important. Especially from trusted and like minded people in the world of art.

Dick Vandenhoogan taught me valuable drawing skills. Joe Abbrescio so unselfishly shared his vast knowledge with so many. It was not merely art skills that were taught, but patience, the ability to communicate and something that roused the art spirit within.

There is a God given gift within me. I inherited it from my father. I feel compelled to share it with everyone who will look. Thoughts ,ideas and beauty that I long to bring to a world that is hurting.